Arts and theater, self expression.

Calgary as we go to the polls whether you vote for me or not I want you to remain sovereign to your selves be beautiful bold and brave. No matter what you believe never forget it’s the differences that made us unique as a whole and together as a people we can embark into the future.

Research all your candidates I will not state who is and who is not backing me, However I Am the undecided vote for your children.

I have received no funding except that of human love and kindness as I am a life time blood recipient! I knew I was running when I was 9 years old and the date was 2021 just ask any who knew me since high school.

Arts and Music drive real feeling and inspire real people to make change.

I don’t need so many page I wanted you to see me…

as I am Khan, Zaheed Ali.

Son of yyc, true believer, martyr of man. definition of my names origins from Arabic, although a Muslim Name I Am a Soldier of christ. that is what I believe.

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