We could go Jetson or we could go Gotham

Let’s do our part and make history

Reasons I must run for my city.

There seems to be an idea and logic that I must first break in order to start moving forward.

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one

Albert Einstein

I believe we can do better not just for the Residents of Calgary, however the lower lying area’s and Treaty reservations.

Water should be free.

I understand it may need a delivery charge however we are talking the necessities of life.

West Coast is on Fire, Our Commander and Chief set an election!

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The people need someone that will speak on the hard truths and why we are not getting any better.

No matter how bad @$$ you are, you still need your pooh bear

I am loyal to the Queen as we are a Colony of Britain. I believe Calgary is a kingdom within a nation. I believe in Christ Not as a Muslim nor as a Christian. I truly believe in his words.


As I know history, I know Queen Elizabeth is a Great leader and I ask the Queen speak on what has taken place in Canada

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Christ nor the the Queen did any of that. This was an abuse of power just like many things that keep the citizens of my city in such a bad mental way.


There is so many issues with this entity. The history and development of it.

Individually some people work for the family’s while others work for some sort of a system that infact drops children from the radar and leads them to a different path in life…

I hate to quote Marshall Mathers however I do not believe we can blame this one on Marilyn (Manson).


A system created for Citizens of Calgary to achieve cost effective entry to and from extra curricular activities included and not limited to transportation and health ( mental and physical).

A lot of low income families use this and it directly relates to CFS and court arranged parenting time.

Children are not possessions despite what some members of cfs believe so I’m stated neither are their fair entry bus passes.


We could come up with $25,000.00 and build the infustructure.

Creating an Era of technology supported funding to create children’s benefits for all of the city of yyc.


A question I am asked.

well how do you know that people will not abuse the system ?

Easy Pediatricians are the bridge and will know exactly what is needed to accomplish every individual child’s needs.

fun fact;

Telus is a Canadian military intelligence entity.

Was the city of Calgary paid when they disrupted our lives for two years sticking in their infustructure.

Conforce was bought out by Armtech


The legacy fund was an insurance plan put in place for the city.

Parts of Deerfoot if not all need a double deck, this is for flash flooding and to limit major traffic from Peigan tr all the way past southland drive.

I propose we use $25,000.00 of it and build the infustructure for the isp.

We could start using the profits to fund arts centre’s, sports arenas, better elderly care as in transportation, shelter, care.

Arena could go where the race track is as the grand stand is already built, also the saddle-dome could house the track.

Mandate all new buildings incorporate art into the building to free up spending and put back into the schools our selves.

Ballot opera and theatre should be more in our municipal school codes, yes that could be a thing as well.

I believe we could achieve a municipal benefits for all our health care and aide workers whether they are part-time, full-time, or even seasonal.


Major issue for business’s and students alike, I suggest two parking lots in downtown east and west sides $150 a month, clearing street space in the downtown core allowing for more public walkways contributing to our public spending more within the city. Time to incorporate our business’s back into the city transportation services such as southland have drivers spaces and buses why not make more money and create a shuttle to and from the colleges and or universities.


foip is the freedom of information act; which in the fine print it also states the right types of access and or technology to the commodities.

Imagine fruit trees in our parks, so children could be nourished while playing.

Khan, Zaheed Ali

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Recipient of the

Gold award

Laurence Decore Award 

Outstanding humanity and Saitsa student councel awards 2012

Volunteer at The Magic of Christmas. Warehouse and or hot shot delivery

life time blood recipient  (Thalessemia major, beta)

want to create isp yyc to challenge the big three and fund children’s benefits.

GDP IS 19.5%

If we invested in the 5g tech as a city we make 19.5% off of what could possibly be 3 trillion dollars in the next 7 yrs.

do you know what 19.5% of 3 trillion actually is. .

Start a pen-pal city program across continents to bridge many gaps and create better human relations.

funding to pediatricians as to curve the mental health pandemic we face now.